5 Must-have Features of Business Phone Systems Los Angeles

Business performance and service delivery is continually evolving and it is important for your employees to be provided with the right phone systems Los Angeles in order for them to deliver their tasks effectively and efficiently. At Accurate Telecom Inc, we offer plans that are suited to our customer’s business communication needs while maintaining the service to be within their budget’s reach. Aside from standard plans, we allow our customers to customize their plan and even a DIY plan for a more affordable telecommunications package. We are a small business that has been in the business for more than 25 years and being a small company means that we offer dedicated service to our esteemed customers. If you are wondering what type of features should be included in your business phone system, take a look at the following ideas.

Call coverage. This feature specifies where unanswered calls will be directed, whether it would go to a voicemail, auto attendant or to another team member’s telephone number. This way, no phone calls would be lost or left unanswered.

Mobile twinning. This telephone feature allows a main line to have an extension such as to a mobile phone. This way, when you are not on your desk, you can still answer phone calls through your mobile phone because it will ring simultaneously. The moment you answer the call, you have the option to switch the call to your desktop without the need to transfer it and interrupt the call.

Hot desking. Another excellent phone feature of phone systems Los Angeles that you should have is hot desking which allows you to use any phone while getting the custom phone settings of a specific login.

Paging system. This feature allows paging a specific group or all phone users in the office or at the site through a programmed memory key.

Online administration. This feature allows phone systems Los Angeles to be configured by their users and administrators in such a way that they can manage the system and monitor their account’s activities in real time.

If you need another or more phone features on your system, call us today to find out how we can better assist you.

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